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Crowdfunding update, Dec. 21, 2022

By December 21, 2021News

Exciting times! I’m here today to provide y’all with the juicy details you’ve been waiting for! I have settled on both the structure of the Warline crowdfunding campaign and the schedule for development and production. Please let my know if you have any questions at all.

Core Game Contents

  • 4 kingdom factions: Flaym, Frost, Sey, and Timber. Each faction comes with its own sub-box filled with a battle arts rule book, 6 2-inch(50mm) rampart tiles, and 8 tarot-size full-bleed artwork battle arts reference cards.
  • 12 hefty solid plastic 1-inch(30-mm) battalion cubes (my favorite component, they feel amazing!).
  • 8 solid plastic posture mark cubes.
  • 1 beautiful battlefield game board.
  • 2 plastic army screen stands.
  • 25 poker-size full-bleed artwork support cards.
  • 4 2-inch(50mm) outpost tiles.
  • 126 2-inch(50mm) terrain tiles.
  • 1 Core game rule book.
  • Quality box insert organizers to help keep everything in its proper place during storage.

Stretch Goals

Instead of milking backers for minute component quality upgrades, all Warline campaign stretch goals are to be focused on adding game play value. I have no intention of ever delivering an inferior quality set of components (the look and feel of this game are of the utmost importance to me), so all components will, no matter what, be constructed of the thickest, sturdiest, and best feeling materials that are offered by the manufacturer. My goal is to let backer dollars stretch out the ways in which Warline can be engaged with. This being said, here is the current stretch goals lineup, in respective unlock order:

  • 3-/4-player support (which also provides support for “civil wars” between armies of the same kingdom)—this adds 6 more battalion cubes, 2 more army screen stands, and 8 more battle arts reference cards per faction.
  • “History of Conflict” scenarios and lore book.
  • “Mastery of Command” solo-play tactical puzzles book.
  • Support Apps | Custom scenario builder, viewer, and downloads library.**
  • Support App | Random game setup.**

I genuinely feel that this stretch goals route is the best route, because it not only guarantees that the game materials will look and feel as incredible as I intend, but also that backers have full control over adding game play value while keeping the initial funding goal as low as possible (which elevates the change of the campaign being funded).

**The support apps are currently live on the website for testing purposes, and everyone is free to preview them during this phase. Some time ahead of the campaign, I’ll lock out the apps for final development. I’ll unlock the apps once the stretch goals are reached. You might be asking yourself, “If the apps are mostly finished, why must they be included as stretch goals?” The answer to that question is simple: I developed these apps myself, spending a lot of my time resources (and sleep) to do so. It’s only fair that supporters support the development of these apps.

The Schedule

And here’s something I know a lot of you are chomping at the bit to know: the actual schedule for development and crowdfunding. I have thought long and hard about this, and am now excited to finally present some hard dates to fans.

  • Monday, December 27th 2021: Paid advertising begins, with the purpose to gain as many new email list subscribers and BGG followers as possible ahead of the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Wednesday, May 12th 2022: Warline crowdfunding campaign launches, along with paid advertising to direct potential backers to the campaign page.
  • Wednesday, May 26th 2022: The crowdfunding campaign closes and Warline is (fingers crossed) funded!
  • Monday, May 30th 2022: I begin preparing files to spec for the manufacturer.
  • Monday, June 13th 2022 (estimated): I receive a production proof copy of Warline from the manufacturer.
  • Monday, June 20th 2022 (estimated): After adjusting anything as needed, based on the proof copy results, I finalize files and submit to manufacturer. Mass production begins shortly thereafter!
  • September 2022 (estimated): Shipping and fulfillment begin!
  • October 2022: We all play lots and lots and lots of Warline…

And that’s all for now! Have fun until next time,

Justin D Leingang

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