Design custom maneuvers and craft your path to victory

in this sandbox fantasy warfare game


Master the Art of War

WARLINE: Maneuver Strategy & Tactics is a detailed maneuver warfare sandbox game. Running on the new “Strategicraft” system and no-luck combat resolution, Warline gives you the tools and freedom you need to design and execute your very own unique and creative approach every time you play.


Funded on Kickstarter! Late Pledges Now Open!

Warline was funded on Kickstarter, June 1st, 2022! If you missed the campaign, you can now late pledge on Gamefound.


How Will You Reinvent Warfare?

  • Fashion your own strategy with freeform tile placement and army configuration
  • Employ action points to design complex, high impact chains and combos
  • No-luck combat and action resolution
  • Terraform the battlefield and weaponize terrain
  • Unleash terrifying faction-exclusive powers
  • Shock, disruption, and sacrifice are your greatest weapons

Complexity & Beauty Combined

Invent complex tactical action chains and combos to deceive, disrupt, and devastate your opponent. Encounters such as this are brought to life by masterfully painted illustrations—sparking your imagination as you hone your skills on the path to mastery!


A Unique Experience In Every Battle

Uncountable paths to victory, deeply flexible gameplay, and the Strategicraft system ensure that no two battles are alike. Every opponent, no matter how strong, presents a new and interesting challenge. Every match, you must design a new path to victory.


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