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“Start your engines!” — Crowdfunding update, Dec. 12th, 2021

By December 13, 2021News

Just a quick update this time, in case any of you are wondering what is the plan for launching another Warline crowdfunding effort. Well, the vague answer to that is: I’ll be launching a campaign some time in the Spring of 2022 (so, not far out!). I’m presently getting an updated manufacturing quote—it’s been months since last the game was quoted for manufacturing and costs change frequently—and I’ll shortly begin drafting the crowdfunding preview page. I’m really looking forward to the latter task, because I love love love the graphic design and page layout process! Once I get the preview page in order, I’ll beginning running it by all you wonderful fans for feedback.

Warline Desktop Wallpapers

I’m sure many of you are in agreement that Warline’s artwork is masterful—Chen is my art hero! I can’t get enough of showcasing Chen’s illustrations on my computer desktop, a constant catalyst for inspiration. That be the case, I figure that some of you might also want to sport a little Warline on your desktop. I recently posted a two-pack of gorgeous wallpapers; click here to get them while they’re hot! Below you can see preview images of what these wallpapers look like, but you’ll want to grab the full-resolution files via the link, unless you want stretched and blurry graphics haunting you on your desktop 😉

I’m working on wallpapers for individual factions now, but if you have any specific wallpaper requests, let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to whip something up.

Learn and Play and Follow Warline

I’d like to take another chance to plug the Warline Discord server. This server is a great place to hang out with the growing Warline community; you can follow development and frequent updates here, and—more importantly—learn and play Warline! We’d love to have ya, so click here to come on over!

And that’s it! Until next time, have fun!

Justin D Leingang

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