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Come one, come all—November 2nd and 3rd, 2019—to stand stalwart on the battlefield, in the next quarterly WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles singles (one-on-one) tournament. You  will scheme and strike against an opponent, in effort to stand victorious on the battlefield—and claim one of the cash prizes!

(Note, this tournament is being played digitally online, via the free Tabletop Simulator edition and free Vassal edition of Warline.)

Tournament Specifications

  • Matches are to be played on November 2nd and 3rd, 2019.
  • Registration and participation require no fee (free to enter, free to play).
  • Played online via either Tabletop Simulator or Vassal
  • Basic single-elimination bracket format (bracket will be revealed once registration is closed)
  • CASH PRIZES: $25 each to the top 4 finishers, along with an additional $100 to the champion. (All cash prizes are to be paid out via either PayPal or Steam, recipient’s choice.)

Why Should I Play?

  • Warline is a game of cunning and skill, and operates within a positive environment for friendly competition. Honing your skills and learning to master the game can be incredibly gratifying and fun!
  • The top 4 players each receive $25, while the champion also receives an additional $100.

What is Warline?

WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles is a sandbox tabletop game of maneuver warfare, coming soon to your own tabletop. You can read all about Warline, along with information about its design and development, on the game’s official BoardGameGeek portal.

How do I Learn to Play?

The game rules are publicly available online, for free. In addition, a wonderful community of players organizes, discusses, and hangs out on the official Warline Discord server. Joining the server and learning from others is the best way to get up to speed quickly.

How do I Register for the Tourney?

  1. Join the Warline Discord server.
  2. In the server, visit the #tournament channel and follow the simple instructions there.

Other Restrictions and Guidelines

  • All match results must be generated and recorded on either November 2nd or 3rd (within your own time zone).
  • Each player may only register/act as a single participant.
  • Late registrants will be permitted through the first tournament round—and only if such registrant numbers are a multiple of 2.
  • The tournament will only occur if at least 16 players are registered.