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Printed Books Errata

Battle Canvas core game rule book errata (English v1.0 → v1.01)

  • Page 14 — 4. Setting Up to Play | In section I., there is erroneous mention of “advantage cards”. The cards needed for the set up step in section I. are the “support cards” you find referenced elsewhere in the book. (There is no such thing as “advantage cards”.)

Battle Canvas core game rule book errata (English v1.01 → v1.03)

  • Page 10 — 3.8 Marks & Posture — Sacrifice Posture | There is erroneous omission of means by which a sacrifice mark is removed. A sacrifice mark is removed from a battalion if it is engaged, damaged, routed, or stunned. A new sub-bullet point is now present, “If a sacrifice marked battalion is ever engaged, damaged, routed, or stunned, remove the sacrifice mark.”
  • Page 26 — 16.4 Blunt — Aggressive Actions | There is erroneous omission of Pillage as an aggressive action. A new bullet point is now present, “Pillage an outpost.”

Battle Canvas core game rule book errata (English v1.03 → v1.10)

  • Global — Spelling error corrections.
  • Page 18 — 9.1 Battle Turn Flow | Reworded the contents of “Turn Step 3” to be more explicitly clear that a party only removes posture marks that belong to their party. Now, “Turn Step 3: Remove Vigor and Stunned | Remove the vigor mark and stunned mark that belong to your party (page 9).”
  • Page 19 — 10 Tactical Orders | Regarding very first turn orders allotment while playing as an alliance: This has been updated to indicate that the Finishing Player is the only player in an alliance that gets to issue an order on the very first turn of battle.

Mastery of Command game rule book errata (English v1.0 → v1.01)

  • Page 3 — Playing Dilemmas | 6th bullet point, 4th sub-bullet, there is erroneous instruction that counter attacks are to be performed “Before each order…” Counter attacks are instead to be performed “After each order…”

Sey kingdom battle arts rule book errata (French, Italian, German, Spanish v1.0 → v1.25)

  • The Sey kingdom rules are updated to v1.25. The English printed book has this update, but all other languages’ printed books are still at v1.0.
  • You can view/download the Sey English book v1.25 from the game resources portal.
  • The gist of the rules updates:
    • With the Surge, Undertow, and Torrent Rout battle arts, the Sey may choose to target a valid opponent battalion or a valid friendly battalion. The battalion is only stunned as a result if the battalion is an opponent.

The Art and World of Warline (v1.0 → v1.01)

  • Global — Spelling error corrections. Smoothing of a couple suboptimal choice-of-words.

Printed Cards Errata

Timber kingdom battle arts cards errata (all languages)

  • The Timber kingdom battle arts reference cards show a cost of 1 majik for the Harvest battle art. This is incorrect. Harvest is a passive ability; the rules in the Kingdom of Timber rule book are correct.