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Frequently Asked Questions

Core rules

  • Can I play a support card to increase or soak damage dealt directly by a battle art, counter attack, or any other damage dealing effect besides engagement (such as torment)?
    • No. You may only play support cards for damage increase/soak during resolution of a direct engagement—that is, when one battalion moves into the same zone as a valid opponent battalion (therefore stacking).
    • Note that there are some battle arts that don’t inherently deal damage, but rather initiate an engagement (e.g. Flaym’s “Pounce” and Frost’s “Descend”). In these cases, support cards may be played as an engagement must be resolved.
  • Can a battalion perform a maneuver action with cost of “all remaining majik” if the battalion has 0 majik remaining in reserve?
    • No. A battalion must have at least 1 majik in reserve to perform an “all remaining majik” action.
  • What happens if a battalion marked for sacrifice is engaged, damaged, routed, or stunned?
    • A sacrifice-marked battalion that is engaged, damaged, routed, or stunned becomes unmarked. Remove the sacrifice mark from this battalion and return it to the mark’s owning party; the sacrifice will not resolve.
  • What happens to an engaged mark if another battalion ends a maneuver atop the mark?
    • If a battalion ends a maneuver on top of an engaged mark, move the engaged mark on top of this battalion. This battalion will be counter attacked during the opposing party’s next upkeep steps.
  • After I order a battalion, may I then transfer arms to that battalion during a lighten order given to another battalion?
    • Yes! Being the recipient of transferred arms is not an order to the receiving battalion—the order is only given to the lightening battalion.
  • During the start of engagement, why does the defender not deal any damage to the attacker?
    • Warline is a game of aggressive play. Direct conflict resolution is modeled in the manner of, “attacker strikes, then defender counter strikes only if the attacker remains engaged,” to facilitate continuous forward motion in the progression of a battle. If the defender were to “trade” damage with the attacker, it would lead to more players being concerned about initiating engagement because their battalion could also be reduced in arms.
  • May I perform a battle art that targets battalions if no battalion is valid for the interaction (e.g. Flaym’s burn if no battalion is adjacent and top-most)?
    • No. Battle arts that affect battalions may only be performed in the case that there is at least one valid battalion to target.
  • May I build a rampart on top of an outpost?
    • No. A rampart cannot ever be built on an outpost, regardless of a kingdom’s abilities or otherwise.
  • If your stunned battalion is engaged at the start of your next turn, does the battalion still counter attack?
    • Yes. Stun only prevents the unit from receiving tactical orders. All other core functions still apply.

Flaym battle arts

  • Can an arms 6 Flaym battalion jump over other battalions in its army when using the Pounce battle art?
    • Yes, with Pounce, an arms 6 Flaym battalion must “jump over” any battalions of its army that are between the pouncing battalion and its opponent target. Only ramparts between a pouncing battalion and its opponent target impede (block) the battalion’s ability to perform Pounce.