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WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles is a tournament caliber tabletop game of strategic maneuvers on the battlefield. Top-quality, solid game components lend to a gorgeous, tactile game that is every bit as beautiful as it is finely designed. Play your way and crush the enemy!

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Complexity And Beauty Combined

Implement advanced tactics, such as "Sacrifice," to devastate your enemy. Every encounter such as this is brought to life by masterfully painted illustrations. Hone your skills, and spark your imagination, on the path to mastery!

Tactical Mastery

Never Surrender

WARLINE is a game of simple rules interacting in complex manners. As a result, every player can devise countless unique strategies and develop an individual “play personality”. There is zero luck involved, so there is a distinct separation between new players and seasoned veterans. Similar to other tournament caliber games, WARLINE is easy to learn, but can take years to fully master.


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Grand Overview

WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles is a tournament caliber tabletop game of strategic planning and tactical maneuvers on the battlefield. You are the general, charged with commanding your army of fantasy warriors to obliterate the enemy. Maneuver your warriors along complex “Warlines,” cutting through enemy battalions as you go. Destroy the opposing army and stand victorious amid the resulting chaos of war!

WARLINE elegantly combines strong features of fantasy wargames with strong features of abstract strategy games to create a highly-accessible, fast, and furious expression of warfare on your tabletop. Highly scalable and modular, WARLINE can be played on a spectrum spanning from quick, elegant tactical strategy game all the way to epic-scale fantasy battles–or anywhere in-between.

Stand-out Features:

  • A marriage of fantasy wargame and abstract strategy game.
  • Multiple paths to victory and customized set up ensures that no two battles are alike.
  • Army customization and pre-battle planning lead to rich meta-gaming.
  • Scalable and modular, you can customize the game to suit your situation and desires: Build out custom battlefields, build out your army with variable unit powers, and more.
  • WARLINE encourages creative, fluid approaches to every situation, as your tactical decisions are not limited by rigid movement patterns or restrictions.
  • Incredibly short set up time, along with average game times of 30 minutes.
  • Beautiful, large scale game components that appear as works of modern European industrial design, delivering a stunning table presence.
  • Innovative game components that express vivid warfare while minimizing fiddliness and complication.

Want to get a leg up on the competition and begin playing WARLINE before the tabletop game is released? You can now play a digital preview of WARLINE online, via Tabletop Simulator. WARLINE on Tabletop Simulator supports online organized play in the WARLINE League of Champions.

Join the WARLINE community on Discord to learn everything you need to know, schedule games, and discuss tactics.